Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQs

What is WildCrime Compass?

A mobile application library of Rapid Reference Guides for investigators and prosecutors to combat wildlife crimes.

How do I install WildCrime Compass on my device?

Install by searching "WildCrime Compass" on Google Play Store or Apple App Store, using the direct link on the website, or scanning the QR Code provided.

Registration and Login

How do I register as a new user?

Enter your personal details, select a role, country of residence, accept Terms & Conditions, and verify your email with an OTP to complete registration.

I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

Use the "Forgot password" link on the login page for reset instructions.

Using the App

How can I access the Rapid Reference Guide (RRG)?

Access the RRG from the Home Screen by clicking on “Rapid guide”, there is also an option to download it in PDF under “Download”.

What is the (+) Float Icon for in the Rapid Guide?

This provides quick access to abbreviations, glossary, or annexes within the RRG.

Can I take quizzes in the app?

Yes, featuring single and multi-select questions on RRG content. Achieving the required passing score on the quiz automatically qualifies you to receive a certificate, which you can conveniently download.

Does the app include a search feature?

Yes, the app is equipped with an advanced search feature designed for seamless navigation, enabling users to swiftly find specific information within the RRG content and related legislation.

User Roles and Permissions

Can I change my role after registration?

Contact support for information on changing roles.

Access and Content

How do I request access to RRGs not available in my country?

Submit your access request by selecting the desired country and explaining your reason. Please note that approval is contingent upon specific criteria.

Are there resources for users not fluent in English?

The app supports navigation in English, French, and Spanish. While all Rapid Reference Guides (RRGs) are provided in English, versions in French and Spanish are also available for certain countries.

Technical Issues

What should I do if I encounter technical issues or bugs?

For technical support, contact the admin at

Security and Privacy

What information is collected, and how is it used?

The information collected during registration is utilized solely for user verification purposes and to grant access to Rapid Reference Guide (RRG) documents. However, the RRG for Peru is accessible to all users without restriction.

How is my personal information protected?

We do not share any information in public or with any third parties. The only country admin can view your profile information for verification and granting access to your requested RRG.
If you no longer need your account, you can delete your account from your profile page.

Can I manage the visibility of my information or content?

Administrative users have the capability to view your requests for RRG access and confirm your access permissions. No other parties can see this information.

Is it possible to delete my account, and how can I do it?

Yes, you can delete your account. This option is available in the settings menu under the profile section. (refer here for help)